Ways To Make Math Interesting For Children
Math is considered as an abstract part of learning which makes it difficult for children to visualise and further it leads to dislike of the subject. It is like a hurdle for every parent who wants to make their children love maths. But, math as a subject is not only important for future but also for day to day activities like shopping, personal finance and many more. The process through which the child is made to understand the concept of maths is boring and stressful. A lot of brain is utilised by the child during learning in this way and is considered hard work by the child. Math learning can be fun if it is taught the way a child wants it. Taking an advantage of the fact that brain develops the fastest during 1-6 years, math can be made easy and fun-filled activity for the child. As we all know that children are more inclined towards work than play, then what better to make learning of maths entertaining for them. Here are a few ways to make maths interesting for children: Integrating Math Into Fun Activities When a child grows in the initial years, parents get to know about the interests and activities of their child. Parents can grab this opportunity and turn these interests into activities of math. This will not only make them play but also give them an essence of learning. Example- If the child is interested in cooking, you can ask him or her to measure the ingredients to be used in the dish. Making Math Real And Meaningful Math is not only constrained to learning the concepts but it is present in our environment and surroundings. Math is associated with real life problems that takes place regularly like grocery shopping which involves money and time. Make your child accompany you during shopping and point out to things which involves real time math problems. Example- Visiting a toy store and asking the child to compare the prices of their favourite toys. Learning Math Through Play Initial years of a child’s life is the best phase for learning any concept. The brain develops the fastest during this period, hence this is the best time to introduce the child to math in a fun way. The child in this period loves to play with toys and integrating math through play can be one of the ways to create interest for the subject. Learning through play will make math an entertaining as well as interesting activity for the child. Take a move and make math enjoyable for your child in every possible way. Instead of running away from the subject the child will be excited and more curious to learn about math. With so much of fun the child will not even realise the importance math holds for their future.

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