What Did People Once Wear in China?
China’s clothes are very different from other countries’, especially in the past! Let’s take a look at the fashion in China in the past. It is unquestionable that China has a rich historical history, with each new Imperial era a new fashion trend building up on the existent was founded. Your clothes could show your status. However, to make it simpler if we think about traditional clothes, we can split it into two categories, men’s and women’s fashion. The Changshan is a type of long jacket or robe. Although popularity for this fashion dropped during the cultural revolution, even now you can still find some men wearing it as part of their daily wardrobe. Arising under the Manchu rule during the Qing dynasty it was quite common for men to wear a Changshan. The Changshan which worn by women is known as the Qipao. It could be a symbol of China. The Qipao is a tight fitted dress, but originally it used to be very loosely fitted for modesty with only the women’s hands and feet displayed. You can see it in many Hollywoods movies. China has many minorities, each of them has their own rich fashion. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to mention them all, but below is a picture of traditional Uyghur clothes. For the most part, traditional clothes are now reserved for special occasions, like weddings, meetings, events, etc. Yet some fashion artists have integrated Chinese traditional clothing style into modern clothes creating a beautiful mix. Another very influential cloth is called Hanfu which, as the name indicates, is from the Han dynasty. It looks quite casual but also very pretty. Usually, they are in light color. Hanfu has become a symbol of Chinese culture. Many Chinese regard Hanfu as the national cloth. This is because the major ethnic group in China is Han. So Hanfu can be understood as a symbol of Han. But as China is highly diversified, you can find many other types of clothes here too. Of course, there are many special clothes from other minorities. They are all very different from each other. You can learn a lot of by searching it on Google.

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