What are College Grants Are There any Specific Programs Under Government Grants for College Student?
College grants are kind of college scholarships or college financial aid; by grant we can also understand ‘free money’. Although that does not mean that scholarship are offered only to the poor students. Yes, certain federal government grant programs for college, for example, Pell and SEOG are specifically reserved for students with lower than the expected family contribution. But generally, most of the college scholarship programs focus on the applicant student’s major or aimed career rather than just the student’s family income. Similarly a lot of campus-based financial aid offers enlist certain criteria which circle around the same condition. There are sections for minorities, women and out-of-state students; public as well as private colleges offer campus-based grant s to them. Some private colleges also offer grants which avail discount on tuition fees for students in case federal student financial grant doesn’t cap full cost. Currently there are few major grant funds which federal government is offering to students attending colleges, career schools and universities. Such grants do not have to be repaid for they are not loans. Let’s go in details:- 1. Federal Pell Grant This financial aid assistance is entitled to undergraduate students who are in need of money. Such students have not scored yet a bachelor’s or graduate degree. The eligibility for this grant is limited to 12 semesters. The annual reward for Federal Pell grant is $5,645, which is subjected to change. 2. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) FSEOG is available to those undergraduate students who are in dire need of financial aid in order to pursue their education. These students have not yet scored their bachelor’s or graduate degree. Since exceptional students are entitled for this scholarship program, so, all the students of the college can not apply for the same. The recipients of this grant aid also receive priority. The availability of FSEOG funds depend upon the college where it is applied for. So, you need to apply before the college’s deadline. The annual reward for FSEOG is $4,000, which is subjected to change. 3. Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant This grant is available for all the undergraduate, post baccalaureate and graduate students who are currently taking coursework to become elementary or secondary teachers; also for who in near future will take these coursework. The main condition is that applicant, within the eight years of completing the academic program, must abide by serving a minimum of four year as full-time teacher in a school or educational service agency that educates low-income students. Another important criterion says: the applicant must attend the participating college and meet all the academic achievement requirements. In case of failure in meeting any requirement, the grant funds shall be converted into Direct Subsidized Loan that has to be paid. For more detailed read, go to http://www.government-grant.us/education-grants/. The annual reward for TEACH grant is $3,716. 4. Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant This grant is entitled to students whose parents or guardian was a member of U.S armed forces and died while serving military service in Iraq or Afghanistan after the 9/11 events. Next is age factor; applicant must be less than 24 years old and should be pursuing higher education at least part time in any institution during the parent’s or guardian’s demise. The annual reward for this grant is $5,081.

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