The Government's Helping Hand to The Disabled Americans
There are a lot of drawbacks when you are disabled. Depending on your disability, there are a lot of things that you can’t do now. This can leave you unable to perform the work you’ve been used to doing. More than losing some of your abilities, you also end up needing additional money for your medicines or any additional service you might need to survive. You don’t always have people to look out for you or help you with those above-mentioned needs. During these times, it’s only the government that you can turn to for help. The government realizes this and that is why they came up with additional social security benefits that aim to help you with your predicament. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a program of the United States government that extends assistance to individuals who have a low income and resources and are aged, blind, or disabled. The idea of this measure is for the government to be able to reach out and help as much disabled citizens of the country as possible. This effectively replaces the federal-state adult assistance programs of the past. Then-President Richard Nixon was passionate about bringing reform to the nation’s welfare programs. While there have been legislations aiming to help the blind, permanently and totally disabled, and the elderly, he believed that this should be federalized and run by the Social Security Administration (SSA). While having the same purpose with the older legislations, this newer measure has been restructured and aims for the standardizations of the level of benefits, as well as eligibility. This incorporation to the Social Security Act is perfect not only for people of old age but also for those who have been suffering from different kinds of disabilities. Now, disabled people with low income and resources are getting their desperately needed monetary assistance to help them get by with their daily lives. To these people, receiving this kind of help lets them pay their bills, take care of their health and sustain them. Through this new system, people who need the caring of the government the most receives their end of the taxes which the citizenry has paid for. Incidentally, if you are from the state of Los Angeles and is suffering from a disability, or blind, or old enough to have the capability to work, you don’t have to worry for the government has your back. A Los Angeles SSI lawyer can be of great help when making claims for SSI. He will give you that much-needed legal advice on how you can ask for SSI benefits and help you with the entire process. Just submit your application and you can soon receive your claims, taking away all of your worries. If you have been long disabled or you got incapacitated lately and you fear for your future; worry no more. You will now be more able to fend for yourself and survive through your disability for your government will take care of you.

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