Steps of Communication Skills
Communication is indispensable skills at the present world. The significance of communication start from corporate world endemic world. From the primitive world people realized the significant of communication. It couldn’t be possible to achieve this within one night. It is long process and procedure involved with patience and practice. Now i would like to talk about some factors of communication skills : Presentation skills : presentation skills means present product or service or new feature to the people what is he want to spread. This crucial for communication skills . Practice more and more Reduce nervousness Acquire more knowledge about the topic Research on that topic Talk relevant topics Try to bring some example Don’t to rush on speaking Clearly describe what you want to share Keep eye focusing with the audience 2. Professional writing skills : it indicates the writing in a proper way . Professional writer write with visualize and graph assets . They imposed their opinion with best logic. Grammer Vocabulary Punctuation Spelling To be a rational on writing Clear argument Bring famous Quota Exposed example 3.Negotiation skills : It denotes as talk with other people and try to make understand them your logic and what you are thinking. For instance – positive and negative side your topic and current affairs of that. Effective and verbal communication. Properly listen Positively think others comments Problem solving Proper decision making Dealing with difficult situation Positive thinking 4.Persuading skills : its means influencing skills , that can make more incentive other peoples about the topic or service or product.There are lots of influencing methods and technique that can help yourself to do communicate with other peoples. Knowing about this person particularly Interest of this person Culture of this person Social account research (most important) Talking first negative side then sequentially come to positive side. Increase trustiness 5.Cross culture communication : In the world 195(wiki), 6500 language and 8000 culture in the world. So, it is obvious that we could not learn and understand majority of them. But we want to communicate with special purpose or specific purpose that indicates we will talk that specific person and culture . SO we target to culture and community and speak with very politely and optimistically. Learn cross culture communication Attend on party hosted by them Attend on social work with them Overcome the hesitation of them Try to understand what kinds of behave they like. 6. Selling skills : It is a skills which denotes the ability to sell business product and service to the customers. The thing we have to keep mind are : Die hard attention on the product Listening very carefully customer repetition Body appearance Emphasize on the service information Properly described the service or product 7. Teamwork : It means work with co-worker. Some point ion that aspects view : Planning Organising Implementing Requirements gathering Nevertheless , all skills couldn’t be achieved within short time it’s a long process and practice involvement. This section is not the only section but there are loads of section and approach available.

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