Some Touch up Tips For a Makeover
You can create the perfect touch up on bridal makeup using softly glowing foundation, perfectly placed blush, eyeshadow and liner neatly applied, lashes lengthened and thickened, and rich, smooth lipstick. Mostly, Foundation and concealer slips and fades, blush starts looking heavy, lipstick wears off or accumulates in the corner of your mouth, mascara flakes, and smudges, and liner begins to smear. This is disappointing when you want these to last long especially on a bridal makeup. Don’t worry! The right touch-up techniques can revive your makeup without messing up with what you have applied. The major way to keep your makeup lasting throughout the day is to avoid touching your face and resting your phone against your cheek. Some Touch up Tips for a Makeover If you have oily skin, lightly remove the excess oil with a tissue. Do this before applying anything else. If you have dry skin you can carefully dab a very little amount of moisturizer over areas that look dry, especially under the eye area. Wait for sometime till it gets absorbed. Remove the previous lipstick and start anew after you touch up your face makeup. You need to apply a foundation proportionately around your mouth before applying any makeup. Use your makeup sponge or a foundation brush to smooth out your foundation and blush. Don’t overdo. Apply a little concealer under your eyes to brighten and give skin a refreshed look. Apply all these to hide the blemishes or other imperfections and double check the corners of your nose, where the foundation can accumulate. Dust on a light layer of powder over the face to help set makeup and give skin a flawless finish, especially around the corners of your nose. Apply more blush or highlighter carefully to give a completely finished look. Touch up your eyeliner with a powder shadow, especially underneath the eyes where it may have smeared. Use the corner of your makeup sponge to remove any smeared eyeliner. Lastly, reapply your lip liner and lipstick to give completely perfect and finished look. Consider using a matte lipstick instead of glossy or creamy lipsticks, which tend to wear off quickly or look uneven. Conclusion: A bridal makeup artist is a master of makeup. He/She knows the art of bridal makeup courses and uses the perfect touch up techniques that produce a bridal look which is appreciated and loved by all.

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