Introduction The conclusion is tough to write for some students. All the works were written must include a conclusion. It needs to be a great conclusion that will stand out. A determination is a summary of what you have discussed in your paper. It gives an overview of why your work is essential. This is why I have decided to share the tips on how you can write the best conclusion for your work. The outline of the conclusion paragraph A conclusion paragraph should have the following; A conclusion starter This is a sentence involving the thesis of your statement. If you are having problems starting to write your conclusion, rewrite your thesis statement. Summary of the main parts of the essay Have 2 or 3 sentences summarizing what you discussed in the body of the paper. Explain their findings and how they can fit together. A concluding sentence This sentence brings the feeling of an end to the work; it also connects the readers to the essay’s introduction. How to write the best conclusion Use ‘So what’ If you are sitting there stuck not knowing what to write in your end, or the ones you have drafted are not making sense to you, look for someone to read it for you. Ask the person to continually be asking you so what whenever making a concluding statement. Brainstorm to come up with the best ideas of answering the question. This is how to conclude an essay. Go back to the theme in the introduction It involves the readers’ full circle, if you start by describing a situation, you can conclude by using the same situation to bring a new view. Use keywords from the introduction of images. Do not summarize but synthesize The main point of the paper should be summarized in conclusion. However, you need to be careful and cautious not to repeat the things in the article but show readers the points you came up with and how you discussed them with great examples that fit the context. Put all these things together in summary. Use a provocative understanding of the research. Purpose a course of action, solution to an issue, and further studies. These will help direct the readers’ thoughts and assist them in applying your details and opinion into their own lives to see broader implications. Point to broader implications Show the results of your paper. If your article is about a prominent person, your conclusion should include the impact he/she had on society. Echo Rewrite the introduction of your essay to grab the attention of readers. Fining your paper with the same facts discussed in the presentation will show that you have a good understanding of the topic Prediction Try to predict what will happen on your topic shortly. Use when and if to provide support for your points. Conclusion All the things you are writing require a conclusion to summarize the main points and understand why it matters. We have given you tips on how to conclude your essay well in the above article.

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